Topics we'll cover during the course of the program include:

•	The scope of engineering today
-- Traditional engineering specialties such as aerospace, chemical,
civil, electrical, and mechanical
-- New engineering specialties such as computer and environmental
-- Requirements and coursework
-- Jobs in engineering
-- Professional ethics and social responsibility • Engineering design and projects
-- Introduction to design problems
-- Alternative designs
-- Feasibility, development, and optimization
-- Design contests
-- Computer-controlled robot • Computer programming
-- Introduction to coding in a "C"-like language
-- Use of computer workstations
-- Using the computer as a problem solver • Guest lectures
-- Notre Dame faculty discussing their professional studies and research
-- Practicing engineers from industry
-- Notre Dame science faculty
-- Admission counselors
-- ROTC scholarship advisors • Field trips
-- Tours to nearby engineering manufacturing or industrial facilities -- Trip to Chicago's Museum of Science & Industry


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