Frequently Asked Questions

Summer 2024

I just applied; what's next? We first evaluate your application. If you are eligible, and you meet our initial criteria, you will make the first cut, at which time we will contact you to request a transcript.
How do I find out about partial scholarships? After a student has been admitted, forms will be sent out, and one of those forms has a section for partial scholarship requests.
What is the weather like in South Bend? June: mild to warm.
July: warm to hot; humid.
(note that dorm rooms do not have air conditioning).
When should I arrive at ND? You should arrive at Notre Dame on Sunday, the first day of your session (June 30 for session I, July 14 for session II). You may arrive at your residence hall any time of the day or night. The hall staff will take care of you.
At what time can I leave on the last day? The last day of the program (Saturday 7/13 for session I, Saturday 7/27 for session II) is a clean-up day. You may leave at any time, provided everything is in order (room, project kits, etc). If your home is a driving distance away, you may leave Friday night, after the banquet (again, provided everything is in order).
How do I get to Notre Dame If you're driving from the East or West: on the Indiana Toll Road (80/90), take Exit 77.
If you're flying into South Bend's airport (SBN), we can pick you up (email us your itinerary).
If you're flying into Chicago (O'Hare or Midway), you can take the train or bus or cab to Millenium Station, and then take the South Shore from there to its final stop at the South Bend's airport (from where we can pick you up).
I sent in my deposit check with my forms, but the check hasn't cleared yet. Have you received it? We deposit the checks in batches, which explains why yours hasn't cleared yet. It will soon be deposited.
I have sent in my forms. Will I receive anything else? When? Yes, we first need to process your forms, and enter you into the "system" at ND. Once that is done, a packet will be sent to to you, and will contain all the information you need prior coming to ND.
When do I pay my outstanding balance? You may pay your balance on Monday (first full day of classes, the day after your arrival), at the orientation session.
Is there any free time? You will have plenty of free time. This program gives you a good taste of college life, which includes work, study, projects, report-writing, and lots of recreational activities as well.
Are the students chaperoned? In addition to the hall staff, several ND students will be counselors for the program.
Should I bring my own linens, sheets, pillows? It is recommended that you bring your own. For those of you who cannot, we will provide them to you. Note that the bed size is twin-long.
How do I get mail from my parents? The most efficient way is to send it to:
(student's name)
c/o IEP
384 Fitzpatrick Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556
May I use ND's sports facilities? Most sports facilities at ND will be available to you. You will be given a Notre Dame ID card which will give you access to them.
When is the banquet, and who is invited? The banquet is on the Friday of the second week (7/12 for session I, 7/26 for session II), at 6 pm. The banquet is free of charge for students and for their immediate family, and is $10 for guests. Dress is casual-nice.
Do I need to bring school supplies? No need, as we will provide you with a notebook, a folder, a pen, and a pencil, among other things. Feel free to bring anything though that you want.
Do I need to bring my laptop? Or a calculator? It is not a requirement that you bring your computer; however, students in past years have found it to be very practical to bring their own laptops, and recommend it very strongly. Note that several campus computer clusters will also be available to you. Calculators are not required; but you're welcome to bring them.
Is there a relationship between IEP admission and ND's admission? IEP, and its admission process, is totally and completely separate and independent from ND's Admissions office.
If I attend the IEP program, does that mean that I am guaranteed to be accepted into Notre Dame next year? Absolutely not. We need to repeat: absolutely not.
If I attend the IEP program, do I increase my chances of getting into Notre Dame next year? Many numerous factors are evaluated and looked into when ND's Admissions office makes their selections. Summer programs and activities, whether at ND or at any other top school, are just one example out of those many factors.

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