Status (updated 3/18/2014):

  • Admitted students:
    • if you haven't already done so, please mail your forms now!
    • we are mailing the info packet to those of you mailed the forms; apologies for the delay, but we were waiting to find out what dorms we were assigned.
  • Students on the W/L:
    • We are in the final week for admitted students to confirm. We may have a few spots available after that. Note however that there is a very high number of students on the waitlist. Note also that if you have not sent any of the requested documents, you will be removed from consideration.

IEP: an engineering camp at Notre Dame!

Engineering. It is a profession of immense scope. From Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering to Chemical Engineering, from Computer Science and Engineering to Electrical Engineering, or Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences, the career opportunities are endless. So why not make it a major part of your life's plans? Today, men and women are successfully practicing engineering in a variety of companies around the world. Others are preparing themselves for careers in engineering.

The College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame would like to introduce you to the world of opportunities available in engineering. Give us just two weeks of the summer between your junior and senior years in high school, and we'll give you an introduction to engineering that includes:

• A taste of college life
• A chance to visit our campus and meet the faculty of the College of Engineering
• An update on career opportunities in engineering
• A look at the many facets of engineering
• An overview of the elements of engineering design and computer programming
• A tour of our state-of-the-art computer facilities
• A chance to meet professional engineers

Two weeks is a short time to introduce you to everything engineering offers. But, we think we can do it and still have time for some fun activities, meeting faculty members, and meeting other students from across the country who are also interested in engineering.

Our "Introduction to Engineering Program" is interactive. It's guided in part by your interests and questions. We'll start with informal classroom lectures given by Notre Dame faculty and men and women currently employed as professional engineers.

2013 Summer Scrapbook now online. Check out what our students did last summer.


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